Rush: Media Sets Narrative on Egypt and Benghazi, “It’s Our Fault Because We Have A Constitution”

RUSH: But there’s something much larger than these individual incidents at our embassy in Egypt and what happened in Benghazi, and that is arrived at by asking why are these two things happening? Well, what’s the media narrative on that? Well, the media narrative is that there’s this video out there, or movie, on YouTube that makes fun of the Prophet Mohammed. Okay, that’s it. That explains everything. That explains the militants, that explains the anger, and guess what? That does make it our fault, and there you have the narrative. It’s our fault because we have a Constitution. It’s our fault because we got a First Amendment. It’s our fault because we’ve got uncontrollable extremist kooks, hatemongers, whatever the left wants to say. And they always all happen to be conservatives.

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