RUSH: Media Present Me As The Leader Of The GOP After Christie Quarantine Comment

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, my one little line (sigh) has once again hijacked cable news.  When I jokingly suggested that we need to quarantine Governor Christie, that line has hijacked cable news.  We have a montage here.  And by the way, they love this storyline. They love this, because now, you see, they’re able to present me… Let me tell you why.  They’re able to present me as the leader of the GOP, because they think that is a negative thing for the GOP.

They think that is very damaging to the GOP. One week before the election, I rear my head, and they think I am in an internecine battle with Governor Christie.  That means there’s discord within the Republican Party.  I suggested he needed to be quarantined, and they’re off to the races thinking they’ve got a real story of strife within the Republican Party. 

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