RUSH: Media Obsesses On Shutdown, But The Real Story Is The ObamaCare Launch Disaster

RUSH: The first government shutdown that was actually treated as the end of life as we know it was in 1995, and that’s provided the template and the narrative ever since. It’s breathtaking to watch this because it’s so wrong. It’s so absent of any reality and substance and fact. The shutdown’s not even the story today. The story is this is the first day the Obamacare exchanges are open and it is a disaster. Reporter after reporter has been going to, trying to log on and buy an insurance policy, and it is an absolute mess.


RUSH: But I’m gonna tell you.  I’ve been chronicling people. There have been some journalists like Charlie Spiering at the DC Examiner, there’s a six-page story on his adventures, he calls them misadventures of just creating an account at  And you know what people are learning?  Can’t keep their doctor.  People are learning they can’t keep their plan if they like it.  Some people are learning that their annual cost may be as high as $33,000.  Some people are learning their annual cost could be $26,000, $25,000.  That’s the story today.  And, of course, it’s being obscured and papered over by the affection that the Drive-Bys have for this shutdown because to them all this is, as we pointed out cleverly and correctly yesterday, is just the latest assault on the Tea Party.

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