RUSH: Media Letters To Trump Were ‘An Applause For Opening The Meeting To Cameras And A Request To Keep Doing It’

RUSH: Got some congratulatory letters. What do you think that’s about?

I can tell you, if those letters were actually sent, you know what it was? I will guarantee you that if those letters were sent, it was an applause for opening the meeting to cameras and a request to keep doing it. And they might have, in order to secure that, they might have praised Trump. “You’re the best president ever. We knew you had it in you. You should keep doing this.” But the letters were primarily — I’m surmising here. I, of course, don’t know because I’m no closer to the White House than where I am here in Florida. But I’m just guessing, if those Drive-Bys sent those letters, it’s a request to keep doing this, with some flattery thrown in.

But Trump correctly noted that after about two hours the Drive-Bys started going south on him, because they realized what had happened. See, they can’t help but analyze Trump — and most everybody else did, too, except for me — they analyzed Trump within their universe. Every day they plug Trump into the way the establishment works, the way Washington works, the way things happen. And you can’t do that.

So Trump’s review of the meeting yesterday was how much the media loved it. He didn’t say a word about immigration or the future or DACA or any of that. He didn’t say what anybody would expect him to say. “Well, it was a good start. I think we laid some good groundwork. They know where I’m coming from. I heard what they want to do, and we got a great bit to move forward from.”

None of that. “It was great. The ratings are no doubt through the roof. They sent me congratulatory notes, and they know they need Trump.”


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