RUSH: ‘Media Is Never Going To Do Anything That Will Result In Real Harm To Obama’

RUSH: If you think back, Obama was taking some hits in the press, even from Democrats, for running a program, building on a program that everybody hated, supposedly when Bush was administering it.  But now Snowden surfaces and takes Obama off the hook or at least the focus away from Obama.  The PRISM story.  It’s a little bit of a distraction.

You know how I know that, or you know why I think that?  Because of how eager the media is to cover it, how happy the media is to cover it.  ‘Cause one thing I know, the media is never — and this is gonna depress you, I know.  This is gonna make you throw up your hands and say, “Well, what are we doing this for, Rush?” 

The media is never going to do anything that will result in real harm to Obama.  It isn’t going to happen, no matter what, there isn’t anything.  I can’t think of a thing within the realm of reality that could happen that would make the media turn on Obama.  So therefore when they focus on PRISM, it’s because they think focusing on PRISM helps him.  And the reason focusing on PRISM helps him is because it ignores the other NSA scandals.  It ignores the IRS scandal.  It ignores the DOJ scandal.  It once again puts Benghazi off the other side, and also distracts attention away from immigration and amnesty, all of which are far more damning.

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