RUSH: Media Is Gonna Turn Michael Sam Into An Activist

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, yesterday on this program, I mentioned it but did not discuss it, and that is Michael Sam, University of Missouri, announcing that he’s gay prior to entering the NFL.  He wants to enter the NFL.  He’s a defensive end from Mizzou, number 52, entering the NFL draft.  He’s going into the draft as the first public professional-in-waiting player to come out. 

The sports world and much of the pop culture world yesterday was abuzz with this.  I, El Rushbo, stood back.  I stayed on the bench yesterday.  I had some theories about this.  I wanted to see if my overriding two or three theories actually happened — and they did, for the most part.  Again, I’m not touting myself here, not blowing my own horn.  I’m just telling you: These people on the left in the media are so predictable.

A lot of people may not have thought about a couple things, ’cause the media is gonna turn this guy — whether he wants to be one or not, they’re gonna turn him — into an activist.  He is going to become one. They’re already calling him things. He’s the Rosa Parks, he’s the Martin Luther King, he’s the Jackie Robinson. They’re gonna turn this guy into an activist.  I already saw a story praising an unnamed team for drafting him — even if he can’t play, for drafting him — just to make the social statement.

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