RUSH: Media Has Gone “ALL PALIN” On Trump

RUSH:  Yes, my friend, it’s an interesting… (laughing) Take a look.  I’m telling you as I was telling Mr. Snerdley this morning, “The media has gone all Palin on Trump now.  They’ve gone all Palin.”  Folks, there’s no doubt what is going on.  The media is trying to take Donald Trump out.  And I’ve told this story a number of times.  Please indulge me as I tell it one more time, because there are new listeners not just every day. There are new listeners every half hour on this program.  We have the data to document that.

Back in 2008, I got conned into hosting a dinner party at my house, and there were some people there that I had not met before.  But I had it on good authority that they were okay.  So they showed up, and everything was fine — until we began to discuss the campaign.  And two of the guests at the dinner suggested that it was time to throw Sarah Palin overboard.  They claimed to be Republicans, and they were going to vote for McCain.  But it was time to get rid of Palin.  It might have been before… No, she had been chosen.  She was the VP nominee.

Their point was, “Rush, you’re wasting your time trying to save her.  The media has destroyed her.  There’s no saving her.  She’s done!”  I said, “What? You mean we have to come up with nominees that the media approves and won’t destroy, and that’s the only hope we’ve got?” And one of these two guys said, “Well, essentially, yeah! If they can take anybody we nominate out, what good are they?” So I said, “At what point do you think it might be necessary to step in and start defending these people against these slanderous and libelous attacks?”

He said, “It’s pointless.  If the media wants to take you out, they’re going to take you out.  So we’ve got to move on.  Besides, Rush, she’s an idiot anyway to let this happen.” They went on and on.  So I got so mad, I walked out of my own dinner party.  I think I had to fly out… Where was I going?  I might have been flying to California for a golf trip.  I forget which.  But I left early, stormed out of there.  Kathryn followed me out on the front porch, driveway, shaking. (laughing) Couldn’t believe what had just happened:  I was leaving my own dinner party.

I’m telling you, I wonder how long it’s going to be… Well, it’s already happening, even before today.  But we do have a number of Republicans — Meg Whitman being the most famous and noteworthy recently — who are suggesting not only is it time to throw Trump overboard and get rid of Trump, it’s time to sidle up to Hillary Clinton.  But I’m telling you, there seem to be so many people on our side that are deeply affected by what the media does.




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