RUSH: Media Gloms On To Christie Traffic Story So They Don’t have To Talk About The Gates Book

RUSH: The left right now is very excited over what we just learned about Governor Christie, because what we’ve just learned about Governor Christie is helping to take the Gates thing off the front page.

What, you haven’t heard about the Christie thing? Well, here’s the thing about Christie. Okay. You all know that it was rumored that Romney was gonna pick Christie to be the VP running mate and then didn’t, okay? And shortly after that, Christie goes out, does his speech at the convention, and it really was a letdown. He’s the keynoter, and they had this big buildup to it, and when Christie gave his speech, it was a letdown. He didn’t even say anything about Romney. Do you remember that? He didn’t even say anything about Romney and he’s the keynote. The
excuse given, “Well, he doesn’t want to be provocative and stir things up. He doesn’t want to detract from Romney. He doesn’t want to steal all the light, take all the oxygen out of the room. So he toned it down as a matter respect.”


RUSH: The point of the story is that Christie will do payback. If you don’t give him what he wants, he’ll pay you back. So they’re taking it all the way back, Republican convention, Romney didn’t pick Christie, Christie got even with a dullard keynote speech and then embracing Obama. So the story is they’re taking this Fort Lee example and they’re backtracking it, “Hmm. Maybe Christie was getting even with Romney.” So now that is a story, and whatever the truth of it, I don’t care. That’s not my point. The point is the media has just glommed onto that like bees in a honeycomb so that they don’t have to talk about the Gates book.

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