RUSH: Media Doing Its Level Best To Avoid Reporting The Abject Failure That Is ObamaCare

RUSH: By the way, the Pew Center for People in the Press or somebody did a survey on where people get their news, and Twitter and Facebook are ranking real high.  I think it’s one out of 10 people right now get their news from Twitter.  If you get your news from Twitter, you’re getting it from Yahoo.  So if you go to the Yahoo News portal, the top story there is an AP story talking about how Medicaid has signed up 444,000 people in just 10 states in just six weeks.  They’re totally ignoring all the cancellations. 
They are ignoring, for example, that for every new policy that people are buying on Obamacare, there are 100 cancellations.  So there 50,000 new policies, and 5,000,000 cancellations, and each of those is more than one person, obviously — or most of them are — and the media is totally ignoring that.  The AP lead story is Medicaid and how well that’s going. “My gosh, 444,000 people in only 10 states in just six weeks!” Oh, yeah, they’re touting the Medicaid sign-up as a success story. 

Where’s the money coming to sustain that? 

You’re not supposed to ask that. 


I know Medicaid was already broke. That’s the point.  The media is doing its level best to avoid reporting to low-information people the abject failure that is Obamacare, and instead they’re touting this overwhelming success story of 444,000 people in just six weeks signing up to Medicaid.  So they’re trying to create the impression that Obamacare is this overwhelming success.  But you say, “Well, who’s paying for these 444,000?” You’re not supposed to ask that question.  The government is, and it’s not paying for Obamacare, either.

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