RUSH: Media Covered Up That Employers Could Drop You From Your Health Care Plan

RUSH:  Well, now… You know, darn it, Rush! I’m sorry, folks. I have been thickheaded and I haven’t seen something right in front of my face on this.  IBM and Time Warner are planning on dumping their retirees into the Obamacare exchanges as well in addition to stages of their full-time employees. 

And then there’s this story from May 1st of this year from McClatchy, and they are also shocked. “Report: Large Employers Could Shift Nearly All Workers’ Health Coverage to Marketplace By 2020.”  It finally hit me what has been bugging me about this, and it does require that I apologize to you.  The media is gaming and scamming everybody! They’re acting like they just discovered this. 

That’s what’s bugged me about this. None of this makes sense.  Why is this news?  It’s not news.  It’s been known for years that this was gonna happen, and yet all of these news organizations all of a sudden now think they’ve discovered it.  They covered it up in service to Obama, in service to the Regime.

Do you think that Obama would have been reelected in 2012, do you think Obamacare would have passed if the news had gotten out to everybody that your employer could legally cancel your insurance, drop you from your plan, and force you to go to the government? Do you keep that bill would have passed?  There is no way.

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