RUSH: Media Attempting To Recreate Watergate In ‘EXACTITUDE’

RUSH: It is amazing to watch the Drive-By Media. They are actually trying to recreate Watergate here. The end result of Watergate was that the media is convinced they got rid of a president. So they’re trying to cause the same thing to happen here. They are taking anything and everything in the Comey firing, Russian collusion story and finding equivalence in the Nixon Watergate story.

There is none. It’s not even close. They’re not even in the same universe. And yet the media is so conditioned by this one event in American history — what is that event? That event is actually when the United States media got rid of a president. And ever since, they have been attempting to flex similar muscle and influence for two reasons: one, to get rid of Republican presidents; and, two, to prove that they still have the juice to do it. And we find ourselves mired in an ongoing narrative where the media is attempting to recreate almost in exactitude a timeline and narrative that is equal and identical to Watergate.

The latest iteration of this, every story out there is now about the cover-up! Remember, in Watergate the burglaries went into the DNC headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, and they idiotically left tapes on the locks, meaning left the doors unlocked so they could get back in. That was the famed plumbers unit. And there really wasn’t much to it until Nixon began to cover it up, in their view, and when the cover-up began we got a whole new phrase, the cover-up is worse than the crime, and the pursuit of Nixon trying to cover-up what had happened was given life.

And the same effort now is underway with Trump firing Comey. Ever since Comey’s firing, the media have changed the story from Russia-Trump collusion, because there isn’t any evidence of that and they know it, to now Trump doing a cover-up. You see, my friends, the Drive-Bys love to say that the cover-up’s always worse than the crime, and it’s an especially neat trick here since there’s no evidence of a crime. Firing Comey is not a crime. The timing of Comey’s firing is not a crime. Nobody can find a crime in the Russian collusion story, and therefore there’s no need for a special prosecutor, independent counsel, ’cause those people investigate crimes. And there are no crimes.



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