RUSH: McConnell Should Give Obama His SCOTUS Nominee If He’ll Have DOJ Indict Hillary

RUSH: I’ve got an idea on the Supreme Court nomination.  I’ve got an idea, Snerdley.  I think Mitch McConnell maybe offer a deal to Obama.  “I’ll give you your nominee if you’ll have the DOJ indict Hillary.”  (laughing)

You’re thinking, “Hmm, they might do that, and we don’t want the guy on the court.”  Would Obama throw Hillary overboard to get his Supreme Court pick for life?  Except this is not the guy he wants.  The guy’s too old.  Whatever else about this guy, he’s 63. Obama’s gonna put somebody, if this were something other than a sacrificial pick, if this were a legacy pick, he’d find somebody in his fifties, late forties, maybe, somebody that would be there forever.

This poor guy has to know.  I think he probably had to agree going in, “Look, you know you’re not gonna get a hearing so we’re gonna do the greatest ceremony in the world for you. And we’re gonna tell the world what a great jurist you are. And we’re gonna get your family up there, gonna have the White House moment everybody dreams of, but that’s it, nothing more.  You understand that, Merrick?”

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