RUSH: Mandela Has More in Common with Clarence Thomas Than Obama

RUSH: I’ve gotta tell, another little thing about Nelson Mandela. Do you realize in a couple of ways, maybe even more than a couple, Nelson Mandela has more in common or had more in common with Clarence Thomas than he does with Barack Obama? For example, Nelson Mandela (even prior to becoming president, but certainly after he became president of South Africa) insisted on compliance with his country’s constitution. He insisted on it.

Obama looks at the US Constitution as an obstacle and makes end runs around it every day, practically.  In that sense… These are the kind of things, by the way, I love saying, because this just ticks the left off, ’cause they hate Clarence Thomas.  Mandela had much more in common with Clarence Thomas, and a lot of conservatives, than he has with Obama, but the left doesn’t care. 

The only thing see here is skin color and oppression, and somehow they’ve got themselves convinced that Obama has undergone all this oppression, that Obama has faced overwhelmingly discrimination. Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d be waiting today for the news story of the 27 years Obama spent in prison — and if that story is not reported, you might end up thinking he did anyway by the time they get through with this linkage.

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