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RUSH: Hillary’s got this website, and on this website is a list of all the Trump “lies,” and there are countless stories — New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today — which essentially rewrite every claim Hillary makes, and then those stories are coupled with demands on Lester Holt that he fact check Trump during the debate, that Trump is so bad, that Trump lies so much that it’s too crucial for the country and the future to leave it up to Hillary to call out Trump’s lies.

Because if it was left up to Hillary, she wouldn’t have time to say anything positive.  Because the criticism is that, “Hey, moderators shouldn’t do this. It’s up to the debate opponents here to fact check each other and argue with each other.  It’s what a debate is, and the moderator ought have no role in it.”  The left is saying, “Yeah, normally that’s true, but in this case it’s so bad — Trump is such a liar, he’s such an egregious liar — that if Mrs. Clinton focused on that that’s all she would have time for.”

So they have established a narrative here that Donald Trump never tells the truth, that everything Trump says is a lie and that it is mandatory for Lester Holt to correct him and to play fact checker.  Bloomberg has announced that they’re gonna fact check Trump during the debate on the screen at the bottom with a crawling graphic that’s supposedly gonna call out every lie Trump makes.  Now, of course, the irony here is that the liar in this debate is Hillary Clinton.


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