RUSH: Man, Oh Man, Oh Man! Hillary’s Apology Tour Isn’t Working

RUSH: Now, Mrs. Clinton.  Man, oh, man, oh, man.  Mrs. Clinton is on an apology tour now, and, folks… Look, all I can tell you is, I have scanned the Drive-By Media.  It isn’t working anywhere except the New York Times.  In fact, the Clinton campaign succeeded in getting some reporter or editor they don’t like transferred.  David Brock actually sent a letter of complaint to somebody at the New York Times, and an editor that the Hillary camp thought was biased against her was actually moved and transferred off of the Hillary story.

So the New York Times is about the only place right now being sympathetic to Hillary.  She was on television, World News Tonight with David Muir, answering questions and saying she’s sorry about this e-mail snafu.  Let me sum it up for you.  I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the video, if you’ve seen the interview, excerpts of it or not.  But this is basically what happened.  Hillary goes on ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir to apologize for “that thing at the place.”

“Well, could you be a little bit more general?”

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