RUSH: Major Shift… ‘For McCain To Call These Guys Kooks And Wackos Illustrates Exactly What’s Wrong.’

RUSH: So what’s happening here is that McCain and others are complaining that Rand Paul is out abusing Senate rules and is appealing to extreme, kooky Libertarians in their college dorms, while everybody else sees an assault on freedom and liberty and the economy and everything else taking place, and they see the Republicans sitting at the same table of the guy who’s doing it.  Who are they siding with?  And this has got the old bulls upset.  So they go out and they dine with the architect of this disaster, who is intentionally inflicting pain on the American people via his sequester.  That’s the point of it.

They go out and dine with this guy, who still will not tell them what he was doing when Americans were dying in Benghazi, for example.  But he wants the photo-op, and they of course, listening to the Republicans, listening to their consultants, think that they’re making great gains by appearing bipartisan here, which is not what the people that vote for them want.

There has been such an upside down turning of the power structure. Our office is getting phone calls begging us not to lump certain Republicans in with the ones we’re criticizing. “Hey, don’t talk about me. I wasn’t at that dinner. Don’t talk about me. I came out and I stood up with Rand Paul.” There has been a major, major shift here. There’s more to it than you can see inside the power structure in Washington, inside the Republican Party. And for McCain now to come call these guys kooks and wackos illustrates exactly what’s wrong.

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