RUSH: MAJOR BREAK In The Clintons Civil Rights Coalition Alliance

RUSH:  Stop the tape! Stop the tape.  Right there.  Marc Lamont Hill is admitting that the Clintons and the black community has always been a game.  It’s always been an arrangement.  It’s always been a mutually beneficial arrangement.  It has always been a game.  In other words, it isn’t real.  It’s manufactured or it’s strategic.  “The Clintons have made so much of their political bones on the backs of black voters.” 

That means black voters have propped ’em up.  That means the Clintons have used black voters.  This is one of the… How do I say this? It’s a major break in the Clinton civil rights coalition alliance.  Now it’s just one guy, but that’s my point.  He speaks for a lot of people. A lot of ’em are ticked off that Hillary didn’t show up for the gentle giant’s funeral or to show up and march with Sharpton and the rest of the crew. 

So when he says something, he’s not just speaking for himself. Okay, so that’s the first thing to note.  He’s admitting it’s an arrangement and always has been. It’s always been mutually beneficial.  It’s a strategy, and the Clintons and the black community knew it. The black community props up the Clintons, the Clintons benefit from it, and they return the favors. 

But now Hillary has gone sour on the deal by dissing them.  I mean, blowing off the question, not even answering the question? You don’t know… Folks, this is a huge diss what Hillary did in that sound bite.  Here, play… Well, no, you can’t, ’cause we’ll lose our place on 15.  Okay, let’s just keep going.  Resume 15 here.

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