RUSH: ‘Magical Serum’ For Ebola Mocked By Media

RUSH:  Yeah, you gotta love this.  Have you all noticed all of the mockery there has been in the media over the weekend about any fears anybody might have about Ebola in the United States?  All we have here is a disease for which there’s no cure. It’s fatal to 50 to 90% of the people that get it. And people expressing concern about it being within our borders are being made fun of. They’re being mocked as fearmongers, and it’s not just one story.  There have been all kinds of stories of snide comments over the weekend in the Drive-By Media that essentially mock all of you rubes, all of you people in America who are nervous about the spread of Ebola in the United States. 

You know, I have to tell you, I especially love it when they trot out somebody from the Centers for Disease Control to tell us, “Don’t worry, not a thing to worry about.” They’ve got it all under control.  That’s the same Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that we found out last month had forgotten they were storing viable, living anthrax in old cardboard boxes in a storage room for decades.  That just slipped their mind down there. 

But, anyway, one of the infected Americans — I guess it was Thursday or Friday, they flew over, maybe it was Saturday, and they took with them a super-secret serum that had never been used before, and apparently it is magical.  Grab audio sound bite number 12.  This is Sanjay Gupta on CNN’s New Day today, Kate Bolduan talking to him.  She said, “You were able to get new details, extensive details on this serum being given to the Ebola patient.  What are you learning?”

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