RUSH: Madonna And Ashley Judd ‘TEMPER TANTRUM’ Is Not Gonna Rebuild Democrat Party

RUSH: They can’t even tell us why these women protested. They can’t even tell us. What are they protesting? Are they really protesting that a guy was caught on videotape saying he wanted to grab women by the …? Really? Is that what got? Is that how delicate? Is that how sensitive? Is that how fragile these women are, really, after years and years of feminism?

Meanwhile, we’ve actually had a sitting Democrat president accused of rape. We’ve had a Democrat president who engaged in an extramarital affair or I don’t know how many of them with interns and the like, and these same women embraced it. The same women had no problem with the allegation of rape on the part of Bill Clinton.

Donald Trump has done anything but utter a bunch of words and win an election and these women simply can’t take it, from Madonna to Ashley Judd. I mean, it’s embarrassing. But, folks, it’s not gonna rebuild the Democrat Party. And they can’t even tell you what they’re doing it for. They’re just having a little temper tantrum.

Remember after the ’94 congressional elections when the Republicans took control of the House back after 40 years? Peter Jennings at ABC News was running around saying the voters had a temper tantrum. No, no. This is a temper tantrum. But this is liberalism.



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