RUSH: Look At All The Baggage That We Hamper Business With

RUSH: You ever wondered, it was about this religious business, I think it was in Colorado, that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple getting married.  Remember all the hell that descended on ’em, and they decided that if they weren’t gonna be allowed to run the business, they’ll shut down.  You ever stop to think that apparently it is that a business must service anybody who walks in the door.  But do you patronize every business?  You and me, we are allowed to decide where we want to go.  Like what restaurant, we’re allowed to determine, we can decide, “I don’t want to go to that restaurant. I don’t like the food, or I don’t like the people there.  You know, that restaurant’s owned by an ex-con, I don’t want to go there.” 

So consumers have the total right to be biased and prejudiced and discriminating against anybody.  But let somebody walk into a business, and the business say, “Sorry, I am not comfortable doing business with you.” 

“Oh, yeah?  Oh, yeah?  Well, wait ’til I tweet this, you creep.”  And the guy’s out of business.  What a one-way street it is.  My point, look at all of the, I don’t know, pressures or assumptions, look at all the baggage that we hamper business with.  Look at all the hoops they’ve gotta go through, the regulations, all the stuff just to get started, not to mention the costs.  They have no leeway whatsoever and if they offend one person, all that person has to do is go tweet and it could be the end of their business. 

But the tweeter, the person doing the tweeting can decide every day of the week what business to avoid, what business to patronize, and nobody says a word.  Nobody ever says that a customer is a racist, sexist, bigot, whatever, by decisions he makes or she. 

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