RUSH: ‘Lois Lerner Was The Agent Of McCarthyism, Not The Victim Of It’

RUSH: …Cummings decided to go to McCarthyism route, and all the Democrats followed suit.  After Cummings spoke, it was Democrat Gerald Connolly, Virginia…

CONNOLLY: (shouting) Unfortunately, what we’re about today brings us right back to the McCarthy era.  If you want to look at case law, that’s where you have to go! That’s the last time Congress trampled on rights, citizens’ rights — un-heroic citizens.  When we jeopardize the rights of a citizen like Lois Lerner, we put in jeopardy the rights of every American!

RUSH:  The rights of a citizen like Lois Lerner?  How about the rights of a citizen like Catherine Engelbrecht?  Lois Lerner was the agent of McCarthyism, not the victim of it.  She was the McCarthyite!  I don’t even want to get into a discussion about McCarthy, but I wonder how many low-information people know what McCarthyism is.  Well, it may not be a good point.  They may actually know. 

The Democrats, it’s one of the things they constantly allege, and it’s taught as part of the curriculum to explain how evil and mean-spirited and racist and bigoted the Republicans are.  It’s mistaught, by the way.

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