RUSH: Lois Lerner Is Miserable, Mean, Vindictive, Unhappy, And Vengeful

RUSH: Anyway, when I look at this Lois Lerner, IRS babe, I see somebody who is miserable, mean, vindictive, unhappy, and vengeful.  The woman just encapsulates all of that just in her facial expression.  This is the woman who led the IRS effort to essentially disenfranchise the Tea Party.  This is the woman at the IRS who was responsible for all of the decision making, aside from Obama.  I mean, I don’t want to leave him out of this because he’s the inspiration for these people.  He’s the guy all of these people, the Lois Lerners of the administration, are trying to impress.  Obama is the guy they are all trying to please.  They are in these positions because Obama or his people put them there because they’re not gonna need a memo of instructions; they’re already going to know what to do.

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UPDATE: Listen To Full 16 Minute Segment

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