Rush Limbaugh Wins Marconi Award For 2014 Network/Syndicated Personality Of The Year FOR 5TH TIME

RUSH:  Greetings, my friends, and you are listening to a five-time winner of the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi award for excellence in syndicated and network broadcasting.  Rush Limbaugh, on Friday.  Let’s hit it.

There was a football event last night. They actually played a game in the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers.  More about that in a minute.  We have a race.  Men in sports, both at the executive level and in the media level, are in a race to see who can be the most politically correct feminized guy in America.  And of course there are a plethora of reasons for that, some of which we will delve into here. 

But while I was watching the game last night, or trying to get into it — I’m telling you, it’s different this year and it’s not just Ray Rice.  It’s a sum total of everything about football that has nothing to do with football that is souring me on the whole thing.  It just isn’t what it was to me.  It certainly isn’t an escape.  It’s no longer fantasy land. 

Anyway, I’m sitting there, I’ve got the game on and I’m working on show prep at the same time. I get an e-mail and then another e-mail, and three or four more e-mails, and the e-mails keep rolling in.  The National Association of Broadcasters convention annual convention is in Indianapolis this year, and last night was the grand conclusion gala awards dinner at which they hand out the Marconi awards. 

Marconi awards are given in several categories by market size, the station of the year, legendary station, media market, small market, major market, and then small market personality, media market person and so forth and so on.  There’s a category for syndicated or network host.  I have been nominated for that award 12 times. Last night I won it for the fifth time, joining the late Paul Harvey as the only person to win it five times, which I didn’t know until I was told later last night.  I’d lost track ’cause we’ve got them in different places.

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