Rush Limbaugh Was William Shatner’s Favorite All-Time Guest On ‘Raw Nerve’

CALLER:  Yeah.  I get to do some interviews at — we have a Motor City Comic-Con in the Detroit area, and I got to interview William Shatner.

RUSH:  Oh.  Yeah.  Cool.

CALLER:  It was cool.  And, you know, everyone was Star Trekking him to death, so I thought I’d ask him about his talk show, Raw Nerve, and I asked him who his favorite all-time guest was, and then I had a follow-up question of what was the best answer he got to a question from a guest.  And he said his favorite guest of all time was you.

RUSH:  Really?

CALLER:  Yes.  He loved your confidence.  He loved the fact that you brought your home broadcast toy that you had from when you were a kid.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah, the Remco Caravelle, right.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.  Yes, sir.  He really loved that. He loved your confidence.  His favorite part of your interview and it happened to be the favorite part — because I think he interviewed you in the morning and then the same day he interviewed Larry Flynt, and he said the favorite thing that happened was in both interviews, and he got you both to cry a little bit by talking about your families.

RUSH:  He did.  I remember he was really — he had done his research on my family. He was really interested in my grandfather and how much influence on me my grandfather had had.  He really bore down on that. I don’t remember crying ’cause I don’t cry, but maybe I got misty-eyed. If he said that that happened, I’m not gonna dispute him.

CALLER:  He said you did get misty-eyed, yep, exactly.

RUSH:  I think it’s great that he thinks I was his favorite guest.

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