Rush Limbaugh To Lena Dunham: Hillary Clinton Didn’t Need To Be Told About Harvey Weinstein

RUSH: Lena Dunham, if you’re out there, or if there are any of Lena Dunham’s friends listening, I want to be helpful here. I don’t think Hillary Clinton needed to be told that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual pervert. She knew that Harvey ran with her husband. That’s all she would have had to know. She didn’t need to be told. You think she needed to be told? You think when the word was passed on, “By the way, Lena Dunham says, be wary of Harvey ’cause this guy is a rapist, sexual abuser,” Hillary was surprised? She didn’t stop using him, did she? She probably said, “Tell me something I don’t know.” She probably might have even have said to the aide, “Yeah, you know. My husband runs with the guy.”


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