Rush Limbaugh States ‘UNEQUIVOCALLY’ Roger Ailes Death Had NOTHING To Do With SUICIDE

RUSH: But I have to tell you a little bit about — just a short little bit about — Elizabeth, especially in light of recent news. I have to tell you, folks, there is… Roger Ailes was one of the luckiest men on earth. I have never seen a woman more devoted and more loyal and more supportive. The only reason I mention this… I’m not trying to embarrass anybody, but part of the coverage yesterday from some of these “biographers” and others was that they were separated and that Roger was suicidal, and I can tell you unequivocally…

They only live a half mile from me. I can tell you unequivocally that there is literally nothing to any of that. Zip, zero, nada. Roger’s death is not to do with any of the pressures of what had happened and the aftermath. He never cracked. He was still thinking about the future. So many people are wanting to have other people think that they are so close to people who end up being principals in news stories. I mean, it’s just amazing. Princess Di. Remember when she passed away and there were all these people showing up to place flowers at the memorial and all the people in the parade?

We’re asking ourselves, “What in the world is going on here? This woman…” We knew she was popular, but what we concluded was that it was just a lot of people wanted to be in the story, that the cameras were on that place where everybody’s dropping flowers all the time, and you could get on TV by being in the story.

So a story like this happens like the death of Roger Ailes, and there are a lot of people who start calling the media, “You know, Roger was my best buddy. Roger and we sat around and…” It’s a fascinating thing about ego, particularly performers’ egos. And then people start making things up that they don’t know. And there’s always gonna be somebody willing to listen and reprint some of that stuff if it’s salacious.



Rush Limbaugh Remembers Roger Ailes: “Roger And I Were Passengers In History”

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