Rush Limbaugh Remembers Roger Ailes: “Roger And I Were Passengers In History”

RUSH: One of my closest and dearest friends and colleagues passed away at six minutes after eight o’clock this morning here in south Florida: Roger Ailes, 77 years old. Roger and I were passengers in history. I met Roger in around 1990 one night at dinner at the 21 Club in New York, and my life was never the same thereafter.

There is, as we speak — and there has been for the past year — a barrage of slander and libel aimed at Roger by pissants who will never accomplish even 5% of what he did. These are people that did not know him, that prejudged him, that were jealous. People who were envious, and people who felt the need to take down a serious enemy who threatened what they consider to be to be their rightful hold on the media, on America, or what have you. Some of the things being said just today about Roger Ailes are absolutely untrue.

Roger Ailes was not suicidal. Roger Ailes was not defeated. Roger Ailes was not destroyed. And Roger Ailes and his courageous and lovely wife, Beth, were not separated. These are things people wish that they had made happen. These are things that people wish they had caused. They wish they had destroyed Roger Ailes. They wish they had created marital strife. They wish they could have caused him to become suicidal. But he was not any of those things. I knew Roger Ailes. I’ve known Roger Ailes, as I say, from about 1990, and I could sit here and recount stories for you and give a eulogy of sorts — which I’m more than prepared to do.



Rush Limbaugh States ‘UNEQUIVOCALLY’ Roger Ailes Death Had NOTHING To Do With SUICIDE

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