Rush Limbaugh Remembers Justice Antonin Scalia

RUSH: So it was Saturday afternoon, and I was immersed in a project.  I did not have the television on.  I was not connected online to anything that was providing me a news feed, and I do not have news alerts that bop into me.  I’ve not set those up ’cause I have weeded out all this harassment from notifications.

So I get a text from a friend says, “Our country is cursed.”  I said, okay.  Wrote back.  “Why?”

“It’s just unbelievable.  It just seems like the decks are so stacked against us.”

“What’s going on?” was my next text.

Then the next, “Scalia!” with an exclamation.

I said, “What?  What, what, what?”  So I went to the Drudge Report and I found out what had happened.  And my heart sank, like everybody else’s did.  I mean, just total unprepared-for shock.  And sadness and panic.  And you probably can fill in all the remaining emotional blanks I flashed through immediately.  And I must admit that it didn’t take very long before I began to ponder exactly how this was gonna play out politically.

And then I got scared.  And so that began the entire thought process, the remembrances, the times that I had met Justice Scalia.  The first time I ever talked to Justice Scalia was on the phone at the office of my television program.  It had to be 1992 or 1993.  And at the time I had been noted for saying that if I had not been born with my own brain, that I would have liked to have had Justice Scalia’s brain.  And I had said it enough times that I guess he heard about it, because he was on the other end of the phone call that came in.  And he was calling to say hi and actually was requesting an autographed photo for somebody at his church.  I forget who it was.

And we had a laughter-filled conversation about my request, my wish that if I didn’t have my own brain, I would get his.  And it didn’t last more than five minutes but it was in the first four years of this program, and this was really heady stuff.  I mean, here I’m talking to a justice of the United States Supreme Court who is near the top in everybody’s assessment, reputation, and so forth.  And I’m pinching myself like I’ve done so often and so many times during the course of my career.

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