Rush Limbaugh RECUSES Himself From Discussing FOX NEWS Changes

RUSH: You know this Fox News stuff and the personnel changes going on over there, I almost feel like Sessions needing to recuse myself.  I just… I look at that and say, “Okay, what could I possibly…? What is there to gain by getting into this?” ‘Cause I do know a slew of people there.  I know people that used to work there.  I have inside knowledge of what goes on in some areas there.

And to opine on it is just very, very tough. This is…  I’ll tell you what, folks. It’s one of the reasons why I have not made an effort to get to know personally all these people in Washington or anywhere else that I might end up talking about, ’cause once you get to know them, it does change.  That’s one of the problems with all the incestuousness inside the Beltway, anyway. They all know each other, media and otherwise, and believe me: It makes it more difficult.  Not just be critical, but to be honest.  Because there’s always fallout, personal fallout.

It’s different when it’s professional fallout.  I’m like everybody else.  I have opinions on things that are going on not just there, but anywhere else in the media.  And it’s just… (interruption) No, I’m not afraid. That’s not… What makes you think I’m afraid? It’s not afraid of anything.  It is… (sigh) “Afraid” is not the word.  It’s just… I don’t know.  I’ll think about it.  The best I can come up with is that I’m so close to it I think I need to recuse myself.


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