Rush Limbaugh Reads Google Search Headlines On ‘Trump Boy Scouts’

RUSH: I went back, I printed out these Google search headlines on Trump Boy Scout. I got three pages of ’em here. I’m just gonna randomly read some. “Trump Boy Scout Speech is Nazi Hitler Youth Rally.” That’s in Newsweek. “Trump Goads Boy Scouts to Boo Obama at National Jamboree.” That’s in The Root. That’s Skip Gates’ publication there. “Trump’s ‘Embarrassing Spectacle’ At Boy Scout Jamboree Panned By Former Scouts,” Huffing and Puffington Post. “Veteran Scoutmaster Slams Trump on Twitter After Speech to Boy Scouts.” “Donald Trump Makes Boy Scouts Chant For Him, Regales Them With Yacht Sex Story.” That’s what the headline is.

Trump Launches Into Political Tirade at Boy Scouts Jamboree.” “Donald Trump Got Weird And Political At The Boy Scouts’ Jamboree.” “Trump Boy Scout Speech Broke With 80 Years of Tradition.” “14 Most Inappropriate Moments From Trump’s Boy Scout Speech.” “Trump Boy Scout Jamboree Speech Angers Parents.” “Trump Slams GOP Senators, Dishonest Press, Obama, and Clinton to Boy Scouts.” “All the Ways Donald Trump Violated the Boy Scout Law Last Night.

I have this story from the Grooveyard of Forgotten Show Prep. This is August 18th in 2000, Washington Times: “Democrat delegates boo the Boy Scouts of America at their convention.” The Algore Democrat convention of 2000, the Boy Scouts of America were booed. And now these people come up and claim to be holier-than-thou supporters of the Boy Scouts. It’s all a big lie.


RUSH: No, no, it’s in Newsweek. “Trump Boy Scout Speech is Nazi Hitler Youth Rally.” And they even have pictures of Hitler speaking to his brown shirted youths in the story. Meanwhile, who was it that organized little school kids singing songs of devotion to “Barack Hussein Obama, yay, yay, yay, Barack Hussein Obama, we love him.” It was all over the place in 2009. Kids out there being forced to sing these Obama anthems. Hitler youth, my sizable rear end.


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