Limbaugh Proposes Alternative Theory On Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton Private Meeting

RUSH: Well, let us continue here with a story from ABC Phoenix affiliate, KNXV.

“Sources say the private meeting at the airport lasted around 30 minutes.”  Okay, how many grandkids does Clinton have?  Chelsea’s got two now?  Okay.  So how many minutes per grandchild do you discuss with the attorney general?  How many grandchildren does she have?  Let’s say she’s got four, just for the heck of it, pick a number, six grandkids, 30 minutes, basically five minutes per grandchild.  And maybe three minutes because you’d have to have some discussion about mutual travel, you know, how was the trip into Phoenix.  She would report.  He would describe what it was like playing golf in this oppressive heat and how happy he was to be getting out of there and back to where he was going, and then he’s off.

And then this express item.  “There was no discussion on any matter pending before the Department,” or anything having to do with Hillary Clinton’s emails or anything related to it.  Nothing like that happened.  That just doesn’t work for me.  Let me propose an alternative.  Let me run something by you and see what you think of this.

Let’s take elements of this story, and let’s believe them.  Let’s say that Bill Clinton was — well, we know he was in Phoenix.  Let’s say he was leaving, he was on the way to the airport, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility, he’s told that Loretta Lynch is gonna be arriving soon at the same airport where he’s gonna be leaving.  So Clinton decides, “You know what?  I want to have a talk with this woman.  I want to meet her, and what a great time, nobody knows that I’m here, and nobody knows that she’s here.”

So a meeting is hastily arranged on a private jet, passenger compartment on the tarmac at Sky Harbor.  Now, for those of you think, wouldn’t it be hot in there?  No, no.  All they have to do is fire up the auxiliary power unit, the APU, and they can get AC blowing in the plane.  No, it would not be a sweat box.  They could do this without starting the engines.  Perfectly fine to do.  So don’t factor that in.

Somehow they tell Loretta Lynch that Bill Clinton is in town on the way to the airport, wants to meet her.  She has two options.  She could blow it off or say, “Oh, okay.”  She takes the meeting.  Again, we wouldn’t know this happened — this is a crucial point — we would not know this happened were it not for this ABC affiliate in Phoenix.  The Drive-Bys haven’t told us a word about it.

What about this possibility.  Clinton hears that she’s there, demands a meeting, it gets set up, he boards plane, she’s there, and he says something along the lines of: (Clinton impression) “Madam Attorney General, how you doing?  It’s such a honor to meet you.  You are doing such a great job.  You know, I was one of the people that told Barack Obama to put you in this job.  I’ve been one of your champions for I can’t tell you how long.

“Let me tell you how things are gonna go from here on out. If you want to keep this job, if you want to keep your reputation, because remember, don’t forget what I told Ted Kennedy way back in 2008.  It wasn’t that long ago that Barack Obama would be serving us our cocktails, be serving us our coffee.  It wasn’t that long ago, and he got mad at it, Loretta. But I’m telling you, things haven’t changed, it’s still that way, and if you want to keep it that way, you know this email thing?  It doesn’t exist.  Just broom it, Loretta.  Just forget about it.  Ain’t nothing there.

“Nothing to see.  Tell Comey.  No matter what he wants, you don’t have any evidence.  That’s it.  It’s been great seeing you.  It was fun playing golf.  I hope your grandkids are doing great.  I hope you have a great time taking over the Phoenix Police Department.  I gotta go.  Don’t forget what I told you, Loretta.  And remember who put you here.  Remember how you got here.  And remember how easy Loretta it would be to send you somewhere else.”

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