Rush Limbaugh Plays Audio Montage Of Obama Lies On ObamaCare

RUSH: I’ve been getting a series of e-mails for the past week, when the intense detail of the failure of the Obamacare website rollout began. And over the course of past programs I have repeatedly mentioned that Obama promised that your premium would come down $2,500 and you’d get to keep your plan. And I’ve actually had people send me e-mails, “You keep saying that. I don’t remember him saying that. Where did he say that?”

Folks, I was taken aback by that ’cause I thought — maybe it’s a common mistake — I thought everybody knew that Obama had promised their premiums would come down $2,500, because the Drive-Bys did cover that. I mean, the Drive-Bys trumpeted that because that was one of the big selling points. So I asked Cookie to put together a montage of Obama promising that if you’d like to keep your doctor and your insurance company, you could, which they are now admitting — oh, folks, this is great. Valerie Jarrett, who some think actually runs this show, Valerie Jarrett tweeted out that Obamacare didn’t terminate your health plan, the insurance companies did.

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