Rush Limbaugh Optimistic: We Have Not Lost The Country

RUSH:  Okay.  Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry.  I know what I have done that has unnecessarily depressed you.  I know exactly what I’ve done, and I’m gonna very, very briefly here acknowledge it and try to change the focus.  I know what I done.  Everybody is looking to November as a big sweep. The Democrats are gonna go down in droves. We’re gonna win big and I come here today and say, “It doesn’t matter.”  And I can understand you getting depressed if that’s what you heard me say. 

I didn’t intend to say that winning the election in November doesn’t matter. I didn’t intend to say that at all.  I’m just saying that doesn’t stop anything.  The Republicans are still gonna be hated.  The media’s still gonna be who they are.  But Obama’s still gonna have his executive orders. He’s still gonna be able to do what he’s gonna do, and my point, the only thing I’m saying is if there’s no articulated opposition — let me not even put it that way.  I don’t even want to address it that way.  At some point, folks, there is going to have to be some articulated, upbeat, positive, inspiring, agenda-based opposition to this. 

We just can’t triumph shutting up.  We cannot triumph.  What kind of position does it say we’re in, if our best odds are to not tell anybody what we think?  That is succumbing and falling victim to yet another liberal Democrat media trick, which is, “They’re gonna elect you. You’re gonna win the election in November, but you’re so hated that you better not open your mouths or they’re gonna really hate you.  You know the Hispanics hate you, and you know women hate you, War on Women, and you know that moderates and independents hate you.”


RUSH: See, I don’t really think it would take much, because there’s already a pent-up — the Tea Party illustrates this — a pent-up, ready-to-explode majority political movement out there, fed up and angry and ready to show everybody what the real America is.  That it’s not whatever is on TMZ. It’s not whatever’s on Comedy Central.  It’s not whatever’s on CNN or ABC.  You’re dying, you’re itching for this to be known.  There just isn’t any elected political leadership representing what you believe.  That’s all it is.  That’s a big “all it is.”  And if somebody surfaces that’s able to marshal all of that pent-up demand, support, energy, what have you, then Katie, bar the door.  And that’s why I’m optimistic.  And I’m not exaggerating a bit. 

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