Rush Limbaugh Offers FREE Advice On What Democrats Should Do To WIN Again

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats are searching for a new chairman of the Democrat National Committee. I have been listening, and watching, and observing, and I’m developing some ideas.

Democrats want to win again obviously, and I want to offer my admittedly free advice on what they should do if they want to… Don’t get frightened, don’t get frightened, I’ll detail it…


RUSH: I think the Democrats should take what they’re doing now and make it their platform for 2018.

I think they should run on this rabid anger that their constituents are exhibiting. I think it ought to be a major campaign plank. The Democrat Party should openly fight for transgender bathrooms. The Democrat Party… They should be honest. They’re being flushed out. So the Democrat Party should be running campaign commercials now that perfectly illustrate their support for anybody claiming to have a confused gender identity to be able to go into whatever bathroom they want, wherever your kids are, in the name of fairness and tolerance.

They should just openly come out and admit that they support this. They should then openly admit and campaign on the notion of higher taxes. They should make it clear that they want to neuter and nationalize the police and penalize them. They should campaign on continued unaffordable, state-run health care. They should by all means… I mean, since they’re opposed to what Trump is doing here on immigration, the Democrats ought to go out and let everybody know that they’re for open borders!

I mean, if this is what you’re doing to stop Trump, don’t you think you Democrats need to do this in your campaigns? You’re showing up at town halls, you’re showing up on cable TV, and you’re making it clear what you’re for. You are for open borders. You are for transgenders being able to use whatever bathroom they want. You are for high taxes. You are for an expanding federal government. You want people to be angry all the time! That’s how you get what you want in politics.


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