Rush Limbaugh LAUGHS HIMSELF SILLY At Trump’s Retweet Of Hillary Golf GIF

RUSH: Yeah, I was gonna ask, but then I figured, I don’t need to ask; I know. I was gonna ask if any of you were upset at the Trump retweet. This was not an original. Somebody tweeted a made-up video, Trump with a golf swing, he’s wearing his white golf slacks and his jacket, and he takes a healthy swing with a driver — it’s on the tee box — and they cut to a golf ball hitting Hillary Clinton smack in the middle of back at the top of the steps getting on the airplane and she flies forward and falls flat on her face, which happened, just like they stumbled and nearly fell forward on her face getting into the van on the 9/11 day where she had to leave the 9/11 ceremonies in Manhattan a little early. She wasn’t feeling well.

And of course Drive-Bys, “That’s just unseemly, it’s unpresidential, it’s juvenile, it’s sophomoric.” So I was gonna ask if any of you Trump voters were embarrassed by it. Trump didn’t create it, but he retweeted it, but he liked it, wanted people to see it. But I know you’re not mad about it. (laughing) I don’t need to ask you. (laughing) I know you’re laughing yourself silly over it like I did. It’s funny! It’s funny, and it works because it’s got an element of truth in it. That’s exactly what happened to her.


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