Rush Limbaugh Interviews Ted Cruz On Defunding ObamaCare [FULL]


Rush Limbaugh Interviews Ted Cruz After Epic 21 Hour Filibuster [FULL]


RUSH: Senator Cruz, I know you’re limited time here.  Thanks very much for joining us.  How are you today, sir?

CRUZ:  Rush, I’m doing terrific, and it is always a real privilege and honor to join you.

RUSH:  Well, I’m glad to have you here.  There’s a big argument.  Let’s just cut to the chase here on Obamacare.  The arguments are: Delay it/defund it. You’re part of the defund it side. You think it can happen via the continuing resolution debate the end of September.  The delay crowd and the people opposed to this say, “No, no, no! A government shutdown’s part of this and look what happened the last time the government was shut down in ’95. Look what happened to Republicans then.”  How do you deal with this?  What do you tell people that raise these objections?

CRUZ:  Well, part of the problem with the delay crowd is they don’t have a plan to actually get it done.  When they say they want to delay it, what they really mean is they want to take a symbolic vote on a delay but not tie it to anything that has to pass.  So the House can take a thousand symbolic votes if they want. Harry Reid will not allow any of them to pass into law. So it becomes an exercise of just political cover rather than actually fixing the problem. 

Look, Rush, Obamacare, as you know, is the biggest job killer in the country, and the wheels are falling off of this thing.  I mean, there is bipartisan agreement it’s not working. The unions are jumping ship. People are losing their jobs. They’re having their hours forcibly reduced.  Just last week UPS told 18,000 employees, “You’re losing your spousal coverage. Your husbands and wives are losing their health insurance because of Obamacare.” 

And unfortunately right now, Republicans are still not ready to stand up and do what it takes to stop this law, to listen to the American people and say, “Listen, let’s get rid of this job killer.” The only plan that has been put forward that has any realistic prospect of success, of actually stopping Obamacare, is using the continuing resolution on September 30th and saying, “We will not fund one penny of Obamacare.” 

If we can get 41 Republicans in the Senate to do that, or 218 Republicans in the House, we have the votes to do it, but we gotta get those votes — and right now, far too many Republicans are scared of this fight.

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