Rush Limbaugh Interviews James O’Keefe [FULL]

RUSH: I’m really proud to have our next guest, James O’Keefe is here. His first book is out. It came out last week, it’s called Breakthrough. Mr. O’Keefe is an interesting character. He has been a conservative all his life, but he always believed that it wasn’t enough just to talk about them, just to tell people who they are. He wanted to engage in operations or behavior that was being videotaped that forced them to actually be who they are, and that’s what he did. He believes that in taking on the left, it’s not enough to call attention to ’em and act outraged and try to get other people mad about it. What you have to do is get ’em to act out who they are because they hide who they are. And so the book is out now. The first question I want to ask you, James — and, by the way, welcome to the program. Great to have you here.

O’KEEFE: Thank you so much, Rush. Great to be with you.

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