Rush Limbaugh Interviews Ed Feulner And Jim DeMint On Heritage Foundation

RUSH: The Heritage Foundation came into existence, primarily — there were many reasons — but one of the things, there were simply a number of conservatives in this country outraged at the big government policies of the Nixon administration.

So a gentleman named Ed Feulner, Paul Weyrich, and Joseph Coors got together and founded the Heritage Foundation. Ed Feulner has been the president of the foundation, he’s been with it since the beginning. He joins us here today with the new president of the Heritage Foundation, Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina, who is retiring in January to assume this position. This is a major event in the country and in conservatism, and I’m happy to welcome them both to the EIB Network today to explain it. Gentlemen, hi. Thanks for making some time with us.

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