Rush Limbaugh Implores Trump To ‘PULL US OUT’ Of Paris Climate Accord

RUSH: Hey, folks, I committed a small faux error in my most recent monologue about the Paris agreement. The issue is not whether President Trump signs it. That was the wrong approach. Obama already has signed it. The task before President Trump is to literally pull us out of it. Obama has already signed the Paris Accords. The Senate would not ratify it. Which is why the treaty on treaties treats it as a treaty, because the president already signed it. The treaty on treaties is the equivalent of Senate ratification. Obama’s signature is what triggers the treaty on treaties obligation to follow it, even though it hasn’t been ratified.

So the question is whether Trump will pull us out of it. He must make the affirmative step of literally pulling us out of it. If he does nothing, we are still bound not to do anything to undermine it. If he doesn’t do anything, if Trump comes out and says he’s committing to it, Obama’s already done that for us. Obama’s already committed the United States to this.

Trump must pull us out of it. If he doesn’t, if Trump says, “I’m not gonna sign it,” then he’s fooling us because it’s already signed, it’s already in place. And if Trump does nothing we are still bound not to undermine it as a nation. We must make every effort to accede to it. Trump needs to formally announce that he is withdrawing Obama’s consent.

Now, to withdraw, the president just needs to take an affirmative, “We withdraw Obama’s signature.” He doesn’t have to go to the Senate because we didn’t go to the Senate to have it ratified. If the Senate had ratified it, then we would have had to go unratify it, so to speak. Even with a treaty that is ratified after Senate approval, the president can withdraw us without having to go back to the Senate.

Bush 43 did this unilaterally, withdrew us from the ABM treaty with Russia in 2002 on the ground that the party we made the treaty, the USSR, Soviet Union, no longer existed. The left blew up at that. But Trump has to pull us out. It takes an affirmative, you might want to look at it as a negative — it is an affirmative action. He must withdraw, take us out, deny, and cancel Obama’s signature on this thing.


RUSH: Mr. President, if you don’t take us out of this, there is no way you can make America great again. America cannot be great in the ways you define it and the ways you have targeted for rebirth and remaking.

You can’t do it if we’re signatories to this thing, because we become the targets. We become the blame. We become the source of the problem. We must bear the burden, financial, economic, of supposedly addressing this nonexistent issue: Man-made planetary destruction. Don’t forget, it’s not even man-made climate change. What they’re trying to tell everybody is we’re destroying the planet, folks, and they sadly convinced a whole bunch of young people it’s actually in progress and happening. Just take us out! If you want to make America great again, you can’t do it with the United States maintaining its current position in the Paris Accords.



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