Rush Limbaugh Illustrates How Trump ‘Not Being Ideological’ Is A Problem

RUSH: Would you like an illustration of what I mean by Donald Trump not being ideological and how it’s a problem? He understands he has opposition. How could he not? (chuckles) I mean, I’m sure he knows that he’s got opposition. Don’t misunderstand me, now. And I’m sure that he may have had his eyes opened about some of these people. In his mind, they’re Democrats. Liberal, conservative, that’s not in his lexicon, folks. I’m not offering this as a  criticism. Just it’s a truth. It’s something that if you want to understand Trump, then there’s no better deconstructor of Trump and explainer of Trump who’s not in the inner circle than me.

All during the campaign I did my best to explain to everybody — leftists, media, conservative, Republicans, Never Trumpers — who Trump is, why Trump is, why Trump was winning, who Trump’s supporters are. And the thing that I kept saying is, “He’s not ideological.” So he knows he’s got opposition, he knows Democrats, and he’s probably had his eyes opened here. I’m sure that over the course of his life some of these people now calling him names trying to destroy him have been his friends. So his eyes are no doubt opened. I don’t doubt that.

But I don’t think that he… Well, you can’t become ideological overnight. One of my great laments is that not enough Americans understand the ideological definitions of liberalism, don’t really know what it means. They know Democrats are, but liberalism? Low-information voters and others don’t know. It’s an area of weakness, frankly, the Republican Party has engaged in by not going the full mile in identifying the opposition or the enemy or however you want to tag them. But it’s crucial because I believe, if… Let me finish my sentence.

I believe if more people understood liberalism and knew it as I do, or even half as much as I do, that they would have even less influence than they do. Do you realize that of our entire population, the percentage that will openly call themselves liberal in poll after poll after poll is 25, 26%? And yet the media and the Democrat Party working together make it look like everybody in this country is liberal and there’s just five or 10% oddball conservatives who aren’t. The number of people who self-identify as conservatives in this country is 36%.

I think it would be higher, but many of them are afraid to because of what the pollster will think, just like many people are afraid to tell pollsters the truth about what they really thought of Obama’s presidency, because of the racial component. So just 25% of the country admits to being liberal. That’s a pretty small percentage, when measured against what it is made to appear to be.


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