Rush Limbaugh Has A ‘Donna Brazile’ Character In His New Children’s Book

RUSH: One more little thing, a little anecdote here about Rush Revere and the Presidency.  Little did we know when we were writing it — it was Kathryn’s idea — but we have a Donna Brazile character in this book.

How prescient are we?  One of the other students running for class president is a character that’s been introduced in previous books.  Her name is Elizabeth, and she is a haughty, spoiled, snot-nosed brat.  She’s the daughter of the principal.  And in this election, she cheats!  She cheats.  I’m saying to you that we essentially have our own Donna Brazile character in the book, even though at the time we wrote it we had no idea.  We had wild guesses, of course. The left cheats at pretty much everything they do.

So it turned out… It turned out great.  I did the audio version of the book over the course of, what was it, five or six days, and got that out in time, too.  That’s available, too. The audio version is available as well — as are all four previous books audio version available as well — as read interpretatively, professionally by me.  Who else would do it?  So Rush Revere and the Presidency is on sale today wherever you buy books. Hardcover, e-book, online, you name it.




Rush Limbaugh Announces New Book ‘Rush Revere And The Presidency’


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