Rush Limbaugh FUMES: Republicans Have NO Excuse For Behaving The Way They’re Behaving!

RUSH: I got an email during the break. “Rush, with the health care battle the way it’s going and this and that, why are you spending so much time on the problems of Democrats?” Because, folks, the Republicans have no excuse behaving the way they’re behaving! There is no excuse for this health care thing to be in the absolute convoluted circumstance that it is.

The Democrat Party is in a suicide mode. And I’m trying to document just how out of the mainstream they are and further from it they are getting to the point that the people responsible for electing Bill Clinton twice are taking notice. It’s a golden opportunity that, to me, is being squandered. We have no reason to be deferring to these Democrats at all. We have nothing in common with them. Or shouldn’t.

So, in attempting to portray or honestly analyze the dire straits the Democrats are in — not the media. I understand the distinction. I’m the one that made it, but the media doesn’t run for election, so they don’t win them or lose them, individually. Democrats do, and they are not winning. And they’re going to continue not winning because they are moving away from positions that get anywhere near majority belief. And to me this is a golden opportunity for Republicans to capitalize.

How many times, Mr. Snerdley, in the past, say, 10 years have I said something along the lines of there’s never been a greater time, never a greater opportunity to contrast who we are with what they have become? And it keeps getting better because they keep getting further and further extreme, wacko left. The ability to draw the distinction of who they are and who we, it’s never been better, and we’re squandering it, in my view.


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