Rush Limbaugh Explains Trump’s ‘Abortion Punishment’ Comments

RUSH: This is a setup, now.  I’m gonna talk about Trump and abortion and Chris Matthews and PMSNBC — and we’ve got the audio sound bites — I’m gonna tell you what I think happened here.  And I want to stress that in explaining this, I am not — I’m serious.  People are making a mistake when they listen to anybody explain something, they automatically combine advocacy with the explanation.  So, for example, if I explain to you something about Cruz or if I explain something to you about Trump, “Well, he must support it.  Wow, he must agree with it.”

No.  I haven’t said I’ve endorsed any of these people.  I’m just telling you I’m explaining why things are happening.  I’m gonna explain why Trump said what he said on abortion, and I’ve already addressed the foundational reason for it, I’ve already mentioned it to you countless times, but I’ll set it up and do it again because I have a pretty good idea — I don’t know for certain.  I haven’t talked to Trump about it.  But I think I have a pretty good idea what’s going on here. I’m not offering the explanation to make anybody feel better.  I’m not offering the explanation to make anybody feel worse.  I’m just telling you what I think is happening here.

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RUSH: ‘Hypothetical’ Abortion Question To Trump Was A ‘GIANT SETUP’

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