Rush Limbaugh Explains The Origin Of The Benghazi ‘Video’

RUSH: The origin of the video, let me explain the origin of the video. And for this we have to go to Cairo. Cairo, Egypt. Benghazi, Libya. We have to go to Cairo, where, in the afternoon of September the 11th, i.e., the anniversary of 9/11, out of the blue the State Department in Cairo issues an apology statement for a video that might cause people to get mad and protest. And the State Department’s apology statement in advance, it was said by the Regime, was to calm them down and prevent them from protesting. Typical appeasement, is the strategery here.

But that, of course, was not the real reason. The real reason is that we had intel that there were going to be protests and organized terrorist activity. This goes back to some of his earlier questions. We had intel. And the original Regime explanation was that some third-rate invisible employee in the Cairo embassy mistakenly released this apology. Because, folks, it went out before anything had happened. The specific reason, and it was timed perfectly, it was not rogue. It was not a mistake. It was done on purpose to establish the video as the cause for everything that would happen later that day in both Cairo and Benghazi, because the release of this apology statement ticked some people off and protests began. And the Regime then said that those protests inspired whatever happened in Benghazi, over in Libya, that ended up taking the lives of four Americans.

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