Rush Limbaugh Explains Marlo Thomas’s Hypocrisy

RUSH: Earlier in the program, in context, I cited Marlo Thomas’s book that she’s come out with about improving her life at age whatever she is, 90.  Going to start over, do it all over again, have a happy life.  Yip, yip, yip yahoo.  She had Diane Sawyer there and a couple of other Kumbaya buddies, and they’re all doing great things.  It was interpreted by a caller that it could be seen as criticism of women and that I might not want women to do well and that the media could once again start harping on me for this.  We have a caller here named Pat from Tucson who wants to take me to task for this.  I want to get to Pat on the phone now.  What was it I said, Pat, that makes you think I have put myself at risk to be criticized by the feminazis and the left here?  What did I do? 

CALLER:  I do believe that you’re being a bit, well, incorrect on this issue, how you’re interpreting it.  I think that the left is going to come down on you, and I think that Mrs. Thomas’s book might be encouraging to women.

RUSH:  Which is fine.  What I’m pointing out, maybe you didn’t hear me say this.  Maybe you didn’t hear yesterday’s program.  We’re living in a moment, Pat, where the president of the United States is unhappy that some people are earning more than other people.  In other words, the president’s unhappy that some people are more successful than other people.  That isn’t fair.  The president is urging income equality.  We must all have the same amount of money.  Therefore, what is Marlo Thomas doing trying to improve herself?  That’s not what the president is all about.

I’m trying to point out the hypocrisy of the left.  Marlo Thomas and her buds, they’re all Democrats, they’re all feminists, and they’re all carving out lives for themselves.  They’re free to live and free to grow and they’re free to expand, and they’re free to earn more money and grow all they want, but the president is trying to force everybody else into this same mold, the same life, the same income and so forth. 

And I said, why isn’t Marlo playing along with it?  Why does Marlo need to write a new book?  Why isn’t she happy with what she has?  Why does Marlo need more?  I’m speaking facetiously here.  I’m trying to ram it down the throats of the Democrats who are telling us that people like Marlo Thomas, if they’re Republicans, are somehow cheaters, liars, they’re unfair, they’re mean spirited and they’re stealing everybody else’s money.  But since Marlo is a Democrat, I guess it’s okay, she can do it.

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RUSH: Why Does Marlo Thomas Need A New Start?

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