Rush Limbaugh Comments On Obama VA Presser: ‘Boy, Was He Mad!’

RUSH: Drive-Bys are worried. To illustrate their worry, the president’s meeting with Shinseki was at around ten o’clock, and no matter what news network you tuned to, the Drive-Bys and the White House correspondents were lined up in the White House pressroom for the entire time doing stand-up news reports about the coming press conference, the coming statement by President Obama after his meeting with Shinseki at 10:45. And for the most part, the president was on time — and, boy was he mad!

OBAMA:  When I hear allegations of misconduct, any misconduct — whether it’s allegations of VA staff covering up long wait times or cooking the books — I will not stand for it, not as commander-in-chief but also not as an American. None of us should.  So, if these allegations prove to be true, it’s dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and I will not tolerate it. Period.

RUSH:  See?  He just found out! This is the Limbaugh Theorem on display once again.  He’s as mad as he can be.  He just found out about this.  Shinseki just today told him how bad it is — and even at that, they don’t really know. They’ve gotta do an investigation first. And if the investigation confirms what Obama was told, he’s really gonna be mad.  But he didn’t know anything about it.


RUSH:  And there is a couple more.  One is the IRS scandal again. The final one was bonuses on Wall Street in 2009.  So, you see, this is the pattern.  He’s mad.  Every one of these scandals, he never knew they were happening — and when he found out, boy, was he mad!

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Limbaugh Plays Montage Of Obama Being ‘MAD’

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