Rush Limbaugh Celebrates 28 YEARS Of Excellence In Broadcasting

RUSH: Okay, the door’s opened and a giant cake is being brought in here that I accidentally saw when I went back there. A saw the cake and I didn’t say a word about it and I saw you snuck the 28th anniversary balloon in here. (staff yelling, “Happy Anniversary!”)  That is a gorgeous cake.  I have to tell you. I see it says 28, I saw the cake back there in the kitchen.

It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen.  (Snerdley, “Every day is gonna be like this?”) I don’t mean the anniversary; I’m talking about this gunk in the news, that’s what I’m talking about, which I will get to.  You know, this is so easily avoided.  Not the cake.  The gunk.  I knew you’d do a cake even though I’ve told you for 28 years not to do it, they do it every year.

We are starting our 29th year today here on the EIB Network.  We just have a couple of things from the past in terms of audio sound bite-wise that we’re gonna do later in the program.  Cookie put together an incredible montage.  She wanted to find 28 different characterizations of me by either people in the media or the Democrat Party, so she went back and examined transcripts and then tried to find the corresponding audio. And she said as she got going on it it turned out to be a lot of fun and there’s more than 28 of them.

So you’ll hear it.  It’s one of these things that just a series of everybody and their uncle in the media and the Democrat Party and the ways they have discussed me or characterized me over the course of the past 28 years.  It’s funny.  And the theme of that, that’s probably the theme of the sound bite.  There’s only three or four of these, folks.  We’re not gonna spend anywhere near the whole program on this.  But there’s a great one from William F. Buckley Jr., the way we introduced me my first time on Firing Line, which was just incredibly perceptive.  And I’d forgotten it ’til I saw it here.


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