Rush Limbaugh BLASTS Washington ‘WIMPISM’: “North Korea Is A ZIT On The BUTT OF A PIG!”

RUSH: Now, my next example here is McClatchy News: “Lawmakers Fear Trump’s Tough Talk Could Trigger War.” Lawmakers, members of Congress, the peons.

They’ve “been worried about Trump going off script for months, and now members of Congress are worried that his blunt and provocative warning to North Korea could lead to war.” What does this mean? It means that wimpism has taken over the Washington establishment, that wussism and wimpism and pajama boyism has taken over. North Korea is a zit on the butt of a pig and there’s no reason to be afraid of it. Would we run around acting afraid of a zit on a pig? “Mr. Limbaugh, they’ve got nuclear weapons!” Yet they can’t hit the side of a barn for crying out-loud.

They’re all huff and puff, and they’ve been testing for months. It is well-established, well-established now. Kim Jong-un has been launching test missiles for months, for years. He’s been launching them in every direction, mostly into the ground. Each of them with a longer trajectory than the previous one. At what point is the launch we see not a test? At what point will one of this clown tests be an actual attack, say on Honolulu or Guam or San Diego, whatever? How would we know?

What are we supposed to do, just sit here and wait until the real one is airborne and hope that being gentle and compassionate and unprovocative will stop this lunatic from doing what he’s doing? Is that what we’re to believe here? We adopt the Obama pajama boy method here? That’s how the North Koreans and Iranians got their nukes, is this pajama boy liberalism way of life. “We must show them mutual respect.” What did Hillary say? We must respect our enemies. We must try to get inside their head and try to relate to them, blah, blah, blah, and that’s called “smart power.”

No, it’s not. It’s called how to lose. So the guy’s launching, he’s been launching for years, and every one of them is a test. But one of these days it isn’t going to be a test. And how are we going to know? So we’re just supposed to sit here. The mature thing to do is sit and watch and monitor? And, what, hope? We can’t pray because the left doesn’t believe in prayer. So what are we supposed to do to stop this guy? And the minute somebody comes up and threatens him and tells him, “If you’re not careful, you’re going to run to hell faster than you ever knew you could,” (Mattis did the same thing), this is provocative?

This is the way the left looks at crime, too. “Do not… Do not…” When it comes to bullies or anyone, “Do nothing! Do not say anything. We don’t want to make them madder. Do not try to catch the criminal. Don’t put the criminal in jail. Do not. It’s just going to make them madder.” The left is a bunch of sickos, and their version of human nature is destructive. One of these days, one of this lunatic pot-bellied dictator’s launches is not going to be a test. How will we know?



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