Rush Limbaugh BLASTS Stunning Media Reaction To Trump’s Speech On ‘Western Civilization’

RUSH: This is an offshoot on Trump’s speech on Western civilization and Western values. And wait ’til you hear some of the actual reaction from journalists whose names you probably know. You’ll be stunned into disbelief or laughter.

CNN’s White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny Calls Trump Poland Address ‘White America, America First.’” Jeff Zeleny used to be at the New York Times. This is supposedly a highly respected journalist. And he heard Trump’s speech on Western civ and Western values and said, this is great, I mean, this is white America, America first, as though both things are almost criminal, and now politically unacceptable.

We can’t have America first. There’s no such thing as America first. All cultures are identical and the same. Nothing special about America. There’s nothing exceptional about America. The problem with America has always been it’s too white, and now we’re doing something about that, and Trump aims to stop it. So Trump is a white nationalist putting America first, and this is a political crime.

Somebody at MSNBC named Nance, don’t know their first name, “Trump’s Poland Speech Was the Fulfillment of Osama Bin Laden’s Ideology.” Let me read that to you again. People that watch MSNBC heard some vaunted analyst say that Donald Trump’s speech in Poland on Western civilization was the fulfillment of Osama Bin Laden’s ideology.

How many of you can tell me what Osama Bin Laden’s ideology is, or was? Sharia law, ladies and gentlemen, Islamic supremacy, Sharia law, death to infidels who do not believe in Islam. The ideology of Osama Bin Laden is mass murder, however it can be achieved, and an MSNBC analyst equated Donald Trump’s speech in Poland with that. Is it any wonder that deranged lunatics on the left are grabbing guns and trying to shoot Republicans?

Howard Dean: “Trump Administration is a Criminal Enterprise Running This Country Right Now.” Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post: “The World Looks at North Korea as a ‘Crazy State,’ But We Won’t Talk About How ‘Unstable’ Trump Is.” This is because of his Western civilization speech in Poland. So now Trump is worse than Kim Jong-un, the potbellied little dictator of North Korea, who’s getting his jollies firing off would-be nuclear missiles.

And Maxine Waters makes the cut here: “Trump ‘Looking More Like a Dictator than a President’.” We gotta include her just for the humor value of all of this. All of that a deranged, delusional hatred and anger at Donald Trump for the expression of Western values and Western civilization, which, to put this in perspective, won 49-state landslide victories in 1979 and 1984. Ronald Reagan, two 44-, 49-state landslide victories based on the decency, the goodness, the tradition of Western civilization and Western values. And look now some short decades later.



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