RUSH: Like Berlin Wall, Obama Enforces Border To Keep People IN

RUSH:  I just got an e-mail note.  “Rush, you ought to make the connection of Obama not letting corporations out of the country to the Berlin Wall.”  I did make that point (sigh), but I’ll do it again.  The point that Continetti makes is that when the Berlin Wall came down, Obama was all happy, but he never talked about why it was there.  In his mind, why it was there never mattered. 

It just materialized out of thin air.  Well, what was the Berlin Wall for?  It was to keep people in! Totalitarians build walls and enforce their borders like nobody’s business, but to keep people in.  So I opened the program today saying, “Have you heard that Obama has changed his mind on border enforcement?  He’s gonna close the border.” People said, “No, I haven’t heard that.” 

That’s because he is closing the borders to American businesses leaving, and I made the point that this is what statists do.  They care about the border to keep people in who want out.  What American businesses are doing is they’re partnering with foreign corporations. The foreign corporation assumes ownership on paper, enabling the US corporation to escape the 35% corporate tax rate.

It’s happening more and more, and Obama’s ticked off about it, and he’s demanding they stop and stay here, and so he obviously has come out against people leaving.  He now wants to enforce the border. 

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UNBELIEVABLE! RUSH: Obama Wants To Close The Border

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